WSYSA Regional Club League

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WSYSA Regional Club League
WSYSA RCL Crest.png
Organising body Washington State Youth Soccer Association
Confederation US Youth Soccer Association
Website Washington Youth Soccer
2017-18 WSYSA Regional Club League

"To be named a Regional Club, Clubs must adhere to the Regional Club League Charter, which outlines rigorous standards including criteria and levels of coaching licensure, player development curriculum and training guidelines to ensure standardizations across the League and that all Clubs are of equivalent caliber."

2.0 League Structure
The league shall be a promotion/relegation league from U13 through U18 and a placement league from U12 and below. Eight teams per division will be the standard structure. Exceptions may be granted by the RCS to create a bracket of 9 or more teams in order to achieve competitive balance in a particular age group and/or division. Players are expected to be played up on teams to their level of ability within the RCL.
(a) Procedures:
a. All first place teams in a division promote
b. All last place teams in a division relegate
c. For all age groups and divisions where promotion and relegation occurs, there will be playoff games to determine league placement for the following season. For 8-team divisions, the 7th place team will play the 2nd place team from the division below. For divisions with more than 8 teams, the RCS, in conjunction with the League Commissioner, will determine what place in the standings will play in the promotion/relegation game and whether more than one team will automatically be relegated. These determinations will be announced when the league schedules are published. These promotion/relegation games are played on the designated weekend for such matches, which will be between the end of the league season and beginning of the state tournament.
d. If a Division has more than 8 teams and there is a division below it, the RCS, in conjunction with the League Commissioner, will determine the number of teams that will be automatically relegated. This determination will be based on desired division size and be announced when the league schedules are published.
e. If a team wins the First Division and highest level of state tournament available for their age group in the same season, it has demonstrated that it is an exceptional team. That team then may choose to move up in age for the following season.
f. If a team folds or withdraws from league play, the RCS, in conjunction with the League Commissioner, will determine whether a team will be promoted as a replacement and, if so, what rules will govern promotion and relegation for the affected divisions based on the circumstances of the situation.